Monday, 12 March 2012

Metallic by Marni

Marni X H&M - Metallic Sandals

So the Marni for H&M collection that was so sought after came and went in the blink of an eye and I managed to snap up the last pair of leather metallic sandals in my size. The collection was full of classic Marni pieces with a few statement staples like the necklaces and leather jackets. Most of the collection can be found on Ebay now after a mad sell-out but I have got to say actually physically going and shopping the collection in person beats e-shopping any day.


  1. Great buy! Wish we had some version of this line here in SA :)

  2. These are LUSH. I must have them.

    Hope you're well girl :)

    Jade x

  3. These are the one thing I wanted but theirs still quite a few things left online so thye must have had a lot more stock than normal collections xx

  4. Love these! They were on my wish list, but sadly I missed the launch day...

    T-Shirt and Tails

  5. They are so cool!! :)