Thursday, 1 December 2011

Christmas Count Down

December the 1st already, wow where has this year actually gone? I miss my younger years when the days dragged and the summer holiday felt like 6 month not 6 week.
When December turns the corner, people usually go into panic buying mode hence yesterdays mad rush of Christmas shopaholics ploughing through my local shopping centre to snap up all the holiday bargains, which I am guessing the public sector strike had something to do with.
I must also be the only person in the world to have not got an advent calendar waiting for me this morning and since I am bored of the traditional style I thought I would have a look around for the more unusual countdown calendars around.


  1. I wish Christmas felt the same as when I was five years old! It is really hard for me not to be stressed around this time!! Happy Holidays!


  2. haha, the first pic is perfect! i love it!

    xx mika