Sunday, 27 November 2011

Revisiting Paradise

With the wind blowing one direction my dress was permanently swept behind me on this beautiful stretch of white sand along the Mayan Riveria. It felt like a lost world, far away from the hustle and bustle of the local towns, the atmosphere was perfection. I wanted to get a few more of these Mexican posts in before the New Year, there are still so many useful pieces.

Local market dress bought in Spain
Mexican woven Jewellery and Silver Navajo cuff
Pamela Love X Topshop - Ring
Topshop - Rings
Rayban - Sunglasses


  1. Wow, everything about this post is just gorgeous.

  2. Gorgeous photos, the location is simply beautiful and your dress is stunning <3

  3. awesome weather... and i'm freezing here in stockholm. it's not fair!! :)

    all the best from sweden,
    xx mika

  4. What a lovely dress! I'm always a sucker for floral prints.
    So jealous of your tropical adventure!

    Also, the title of your blog is pretty fantastic :)