Sunday, 18 September 2011

Vauxhall Fashion Scouts ' Ones to Watch' S/S 12'

Phoebe English brought detailed and intricate pleats and fringing to the catwalk in muted hues. Her designs resembled un-finished Haute Couture garments giving off a distressed aura, the collection was interesting and really made me think of the ideas behind Phoebe’s designs.

Alice Lee's perfect combination between leather and knitwear gave off a real minimalist classic style and was brought to future with oversized cylindrical chokers and headpieces. Plated leather was woven into each outfit with colour hues of black and white and a surprising injection of a vibrant red.

Shao Yen showed a signature asymmetric silhouette with cut out detailing in metallic hues and incredible use of body coverage. The first dress was my personal favorite.

Malene Oddershede Bach brought an injection of colour onto the runway with neon turquoise and yellow printed with a snakeskin texture. Floral fushsias gave off a real strong feminine vibe that really brought the feel of spring 2012 to a pre-winter London.

Overall, a really great show, I look forward to the next show!!

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