Sunday, 3 October 2010


Its been a while since i last posted due to a busy month moving back up to Newcastle but i'm back, settled in and i have an amazing opportunity on my hands. Last week (first week back at uni) we were set a brief to design a collection and a portfolio of work to present to the river Island design team. From the collection we each choose one outfit to represent our chosen theme, create it  using our initial ideas and fabrics RI' provide to then finally present on a catwalk. But here's the best part, we've been selected and put into random groups of 4s and 5s then given a list of themes, from the list we as a group have to find the theme we would like to use. My group and i choose MARRAKECH which i am ecstatic about having just been to Morocco this summer.
We are currently working on a mood board and muse:

 This is the groups muse board, i describe her as a girl who travelled to Marrakech in search a hidden secrets and unanswered questions only to find she gets sucked into the mysterious red city.... 
The mood for the theme is mysterious, exposing the dark and miss - leading aspects of the red city, challenging tradition and culture.

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