Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Aqua brights

So this weather is getting annoying now but even though I am having to layer a little more than I would like in July, I refuse to give up the colour and Aqua is definitely my colour of choice for this month!!
After been house bound for a few days with the torrential rain I decided to do a bit of a clear out and send a few bags to charity and the magical land of Ebay. I came across these jeans that have just been collecting dust in the depths of my wardrobe so I thought I would pull them out for a revival.

Armani - Glasses
Topshop - Knit
Miss Sixty - Jeans
Primark - Heels


  1. Some great colours and love the bargain heels
    Kate x

  2. Cool sweater and amazing shoes!!


  3. Nice look, love the sweater!!! Cool heels too :)

    xo Emma

  4. I looooveeee your shoes! :)