Thursday, 19 January 2012

Golden Embellish

Embellished gold collar - Made & designed by me
Burberry - Cable knit
Topshop - Acid washed jeans
Topshop premium - Banana heels
Next - Parker

The second collar I have been working on embellished with gold beads, sequins and washers from my local D.I.Y store. Still absolutely loving my Topshop premium banana heels, they are a quirky heeled chelsea boot that grunge’s up any outfit. My Burberry jumper that I was missing for over a year was found in a box in the attic last week, I have wore it and wore it since we were reunited.


  1. awesome collar! you're so crafty! :)

    oh by the way, ,take a look on my blog I gave you an award!

  2. Your collar is so awesome, I love how you embellished it :) I like how you wore it with the outfit too!