Sunday, 15 January 2012

Embellished Collar D.I.Y

Getting back into the swing of Uni after having a year out to be immersed in the Fashion Industry and 'find my self along with my individual design style'. I have been really interested in different styles of detachable collars and how they can be cut and decorated. This is a collar I made using a basic shirt collar pattern taking inspiration from Paul Smith, lining the inside of the neck with a monochrome floral. I wanted a collar that I could wear with a basic knit to grunge the look up a little so I added monochrome beads, sequins and nuts from my local D.I.Y store styling it up with a pastel sheer dress and black knit. There are a few more posts coming up featuring other collar styles I have been working on, making them is time consuming but they really add pizzazz to an outfit.


  1. thank you for the comment on my blog xx the collection is by Wayne
    check it out. gorgeous pieces

  2. nice...very creative!! takce care darling..