Thursday, 17 November 2011

Versace for H&M

This is the first year I havent dragged my ass down to either London, Newcastle or Manchester at stupid o'colock in the morning to sit and que in the freezing cold for their fabulous designer collaborations and after 30minutes refreshing the H&M site and being on hold to the head office I managed to get everything I was lusting after. Im telling you girls & guys, over the phone ordering is the new online shopping. Did anybody else manage to get any of the collection? I want to know what you have all purchased.
Here's what will be dropping in through my mailbox come decemeber, so excited!!

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  1. Danielle Hunter you are a-maze-ing!! I stumbled upon your blog and for the past hour have been reading and looking at pictures of your uber stylish outfits and beautiful places you have been too!!! You are too lucky, PS I am tooooooo jealous of you for managing to get the gold cuff, i need it in my life, sophs xoxo