Sunday, 21 August 2011

Lottery Game

English summer; the weather is like a lottery game, one minute the sun is out and the next, the sky has become overcast by a grey smog. The last month has been terrible weather here in the UK so I made use of one of my new Autumn coats for a trip to Ladybower, a waterproof cape from Aubin & Wills lined with a tartan pattern, it's so typically English, perfectly suited for our typical English climate, I love it.

Aubin & Wills - Cape
River Island - Blouse & Boots
Topshop - Shorts


  1. I love your hoodie cape! I might have to get myself one for the cooler weather. It definitely adds a unique touch to an outfit.


  2. Love the layers!! I think that is one of the things I love about English weather even in summer you still need a little bit of layering.. Wonderful photos in the forest! love them. x