Monday, 25 July 2011

What I Wore, getting handy with a sewing machine

So whilst working at Zone in London, I experienced a few of their 'monthly fabric closet clear outs' where they threw out any fabric that was not in use for the next 2 seasons. One of the many perks of working there was that I could take as much as I wanted from whatever was left over, being a fashion student I saw this as a great opportunity and took around 4 bags full to get busy with over the summer. The summer is here; well on paper it is not weather wise and I have used one of the printed fabrics to create this printed sheer maxi skirt.

Topshop - Leather Gillet
Chanel - Ring
Home-made - Leather Clutch
Home-made - Maxi Skirt
Topshop - Shoes


  1. Beautiful photos! :) Love whole this look! Especially I love your maxi skirt! :)