Saturday, 30 July 2011

September Issues

... Are starting to arrive, ELLE popped through my letterbox this morning. Whilst having a quick flick through along with eating breakfast, I spotted a piece entitled  "No1 The Individualist - Express Yourself" written by the ever influential Susie Lau of Style Bubble styled with an array of quirky 'typical' Susie photographs. I love it.
The article is about individuality and wanting to create a personal style, I think people nowadays worry about not been individual enough or being too out there and completely dropping off the fashion radar. Susie talks about what really attracted her to fashion saying in the article, "What drew me to fashion was its ability to allow me to express my personality and my mood with what I wore. Yet at the same time, the language of the fashion promotes prescribed trends - red is the new black, minimalism is in, maxis are out, it's like an intriguing game for me - to love its cyclical nature but to absorb all of it in a way that nurtures my own individual style."
For me, Susie genuinely hits the nail on the head with her definition of personal style and the ability to "express yourself", as a fashion student I have learnt that it is more about creating your own distinctive style, your designer handwriting as opposed to following the do's and don’ts of the industry, for me, I use these rules as a starter, something to base your own ideas on and create your own interpretation of.

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