Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Alexander the Great

Im only four days late but I've finally got round to watching the 'McQueen and I' documentory that was aired last friday night. I found myself disturbed, emotional and drawn whilst watching the dramatic story of Lee McQueens life. I remember almost a year to this day whilst in Paris for fashion week, wandering around Paris aimlessly in search of interesting places to visit, stumbling across the PRIVATE show room for the A/W 10' collection (his last ever collection) tucked away in a small area just outside the city centre with just a small sign outside saying 'Alexander McQueen', us been curious fashion student decieded to sneak inside and we were completely stunned and speechless at what we saw, the full collection there in front of us to touch and feel all the beautiful fabrics. The colours were extrodinary much better than photographs potray, it was one moment that I will deffinatly never forget. He's in my opinion, one of the most influential and important fashion designers that has ever been, his legacy will live on through his greatest idea's, memories, moments and fashion innovation.

I've added a link to 4od if anyone has'nt seen it, its not one to miss!!


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