Wednesday, 18 August 2010

The Aviator Jacket A/W 10'

Burberrys Aviator jacket is the talk of the summer ready for A/W 10' but at a high price of £2,195 and hugely popular demand only the lucky (and filthy rich) few will be wearing the original sheepskin beauty. For us mere mortals come september there will be a choice of every style and colour aviator jacket on the high street up for grabs at a more reasonable price. However i managed to snap one up before the rush comes into place from Zara for a small price to pay of £39.99, obviously faux sheepskin but a good imitator  it is, perfect for the A/W trend and will keep me snuggly and warm in those colder winter months.

Here are a few i have come across on my many travels to retail heaven:

      Burberry Aviator Jacket


 Next brown faux sheepskin aviator £75

  Topshop Leather faux sheepskin collar jacket £150
 also comes in tan
      However there is also a faux leather one in Topshop for just £58
 which looks more or less the same

    You can also grab ones like this which tend
       to be originals and used from ebay, added bonus of it been real sheepskin

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  1. Hello! I was wondering where you found that very first brown faux jacket? Thanks!